Now, an app that can book ambulance in real time


Traffic, availability of ambulances in the vicinity and a lack of an organised effort to ensure ambulance availability across various locations are significant challenges that need to be overcome. Either an ambulance carrying patient doesn’t reach hospital on time, or an ambulance doesn’t reach the patient on time.

But, this will be thing of the past if other cities will fix this situation leveraging technology. That said, the West Bengal Government, in association with a tech start-up Ideation Technology, has developed an app—Pathadisha—to ease the usage of public transport by providing a comprehensive information about local buses.

Extending the usage of this app further, the Government now has included “locate the ambulance” feature. With this app, now, users can spot an ambulance on Pathadisha app and get details about fare and facilities on a real-time basis. Initiate the call by clicking the live ambulance icon. The nodal agency, hospital or the ambulance operator will receive the call and input necessary details through control-room applications.