MP keeps an eye via PNR, face recognition systems, and much more

MP surveillance

With the ever increasing growth of population, city limits keep on increasing at the same time to accommodate the populace, throwing a constant challenge to urban planners who are responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the people living there. The challenges come in many forms — natural disasters, anti-social activities that threaten everyday life of the common man, etc.

In situations like these, it becomes extremely pertinent to devise a strategy and solution to keep a vigilant eye and keep the threats at bay to lay the foundation of a thriving metropolis. In the present day world, most cities are equipped with standard security surveillance technologies, but they also have their limitations.

Here, Madhya Pradesh, with a population of more than 70 million and geographic area of 3 lakh sq km, has implemented latest surveillance technology solutions to monitor its citizens through strategically-placed sensors around the urban landscape, collecting data regarding many different factors of urban living, and transmitting, aggregating and analysing the collected data to address challenges of crime prevention, traffic management, etc.

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Police Telecom (Radio), which is responsible for satisfactory and quick communication to maintain law and order of the state during VVIP visits, elections, key events, natural disasters, etc., and to take action against offenders, has partnered with Honeywell Building Solutions to implement a massive city-wide surveillance system.

It includes implementation across a massive 823 locations through 11 cities within the state of Madhya Pradesh which will have a mix of 4,200 IP cameras, a command and control room, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, software and servers across 80 locations and surveillance systems on PCR vans. Upon completion, the project will become one of the largest integrated city surveillance systems.

Salient features:
1. Complete Command Control Suite (CCS): Provides common operating picture, interactive control, event correlation, and thematic maps with location analytics, social intelligence (which helps to identify the miscreants populating social sites) and mobile van surveillance.
2. Automatic Number Plate Recognition: Helps identification of suspected vehicles and raises alarms to monitor and identify vehicles by colour.
3. Face Recognition System: This will integrate with the Police Criminal Database, having blacklisted and white-listed persons, helping to identify criminals and VIPs.
4. Forensic Searches: The system is also capable of doing forensic searches for fast identification raised by the analytics system, which is one of the prime requirements of city policing and crime monitoring.