More power to big data: Now it can prevents human trafficking

Human Traffing

It is a sad fact that every 3 minutes an Indian girl is sold into sex slavery. The average age of these girls is 12. Ironically, only 1% of them are ever rescued. The road to rehabilitation, if she is rescued, is extremely difficult. Yet, there are very few NGOs working to prevent this from happening, and one of them is My Choices Foundation. 

While many organizations work to rescue girls and prosecute the traffickers, My Choices Foundation has a different idea altogether which no one imagined. The NGO, with the use of big data analytics is running a programme called Operation Red Alert. In most of the cases, it is the village girls are on target with promises such as education, jobs or in some cases marriage. But, with over 600,000 villages in India, Operation Red Alert needed help to determine which areas were most at risk to prioritize their education efforts. Meanwhile, this human trafficking prevention programme is designed to help parents, teachers, village leaders and children to understand the trafficker work so they can prevent their efforts. 

For this, an Australian analytics company— Quantium—has come to the rescue. The company has an expertise in developing analytical applications that give insights into consumer needs, behaviors, and media consumption by analyzing consumer transaction data. To add more, Quantium used Cisco UCS hardware and MapR software to build this robust platform (Operation Red Alert).

How it works
Quantium brings together proprietary data, technology and innovative data scientists to enable the development of ground-breaking analytical applications, and develops insights into consumer needs, behaviors, and media consumption by analyzing consumer transaction data. Quantium upgraded its legacy server platform with Cisco® UCS to gain centralized management and the computing power needed to process complex algorithms in a dense, scalable form factor that also reduces power consumption. Cisco Nexus® 9000 switches provide a simplified network with the scalable bandwidth to meet their current and future requirements. The MapR Converged Data Platform enables organizations to create intelligent applications that fully integrate analytics with operational processes in real time. The MapR Platform provides the multi-tenancy, high-speed performance and scale needed to power the Operation Red Alert data platform.

Rigorous testing by Quantium demonstrated that the MapR-Cisco platform decreased query processing time by 92 per cent, a performance increase of 12.5 times the legacy platform. With the Cisco-MapR solution, Quantium’s data scientists can design complex queries that run against multi-terabyte data sets and get more accurate results in just minutes rather than hours or days. In addition, the more powerful platform drives innovation because scientists can shorten development time by testing alternative scenarios quickly and accurately.

For example, with the analytics for Operation Red Alert Quantium is fine-tuning the algorithm, adding more hypothesis and more granular data to improve predictive capabilities. MapR adds performance security and the ability to segregate multiple data sets from multiple data partners for Operation Red Alert.

Human Trafficking Statistics

  • Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing crime industry in the world today.
  • Every three minutes a girl in India is sold into slavery: the average age is twelve years old.
  • 200,000 Indian children are tricked, kidnapped or coerced into slavery every year.
  • Fewer than one percent of these girls are ever rescued.
  • Public awareness is the most effective barrier to human trafficking.