An app that predicts power outage (Urja Mitra comes to the rescue)

power cut
Summer is here and everyone hates power cuts! The Ministry of Power has launched an app—Urja Mitra—that will help the citizens to know when their area will see the next power cut.
Urja Mitra will empower citizens by real-time information sharing data on power supply to their respected areas. According to the Ministry of Power, Urja Mitra is a first-of-its-kind application that provides a central platform, web-portal ( as well as Mobile App (iOS version and android version) for State Power Distribution utilities to disseminate power outage information to urban/rural power consumers across India through SMS or email or push notifications.
The benefit of Urja Mitra will be immense as power consumers across the nation would have prior intimation of expected duration and cause of scheduled power outages and post fault intimation of unscheduled power outages duration. Consumer can also view real-time power outages in any part of the country, lodge a complaint on power outages in its area. Complaints can also be lodged on helpline number 1912. Empowerment of all section of society has been ensured by providing vernacular mobile apps. Field staff can trigger power outage and take corrective action on outage complaints.
The launch of the app will be life changing for millions of people in the country. The Ministry of Power has urged all the states to join in this excellent initiative. It will help save many lives in hospitals, and help people plan their lives accordingly.