An app to find the right police station


Finding the right police station in your jurisdiction is a herculean task. By the time a victim knocks the door of a police station, he/she [much to their dismay] may come to know that the locality does not come under the jurisdiction of the police station. To solve this jurisdiction maze, the Bengaluru Police, known for their many firsts, has launched a technologically-advanced application named ‘Know your police station’.

The ‘Know your police station’ application determines whose jurisdiction a particular area comes. It will be able to tell which law and order or traffic police station a locality comes under. Not only does the application provide the information of the right jurisdictional police station, it also provides users directions to the right police station with the help of Google Maps.

Given the reputation, the Bengaluru Police force has never shied away from using technology to bridge the gap between the law enforcement and the residents. Apart from this, the Bengaluru Police has launched a number of free applications recently. These include: ‘e-lost report’ application, which eliminates the need to visit a police station to register a complaint about a lost item; and ‘public eye’ application, which makes reporting traffic violations easy, to name a few. The latest is the ‘Suraksha’ app for safety assistance.