Haryana Smart Cities
Haryana floats EOI for Greenfield Smart Cities

The government of Haryana has floated expressions of interest (EOIs) to formulate guidelines and policy parameters for establishment of Greenfield Smart Cities (GFSC). The state government, in joint venture partnerships with private players, is looking at introducing these smart solutions over a land parcel of 250 acres, using innovative planning, planned financing and implementation tools, with a provision for affordable housing. The last date for submission of these EOIs is November 5.

SCC Partner Spotlight

Ruckus Wireless, now part of Brocade, makes network gateways, controllers and access points for large-scale Wi-Fi access in office buildings, hospitals, stadiums, and the Internet of Things. Its smart-branded products help Internet and telecom providers improve range, reliability and scalability.

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This white paper discusses the building of Smart Cities and establishing a sustainable economy as...
Roads simply cannot expand infinitely to keep pace with growth in traffic volumes. Traffic...
The consultants which are appointed are a mix of Indian and foreign firms, which include the likes...
Smart cities aim to reduce anticipated complexities and expenses that accompany future urbanization...

Expert Talk: Carlo Ratti on Smart Cities of tomorrow


Carlo Ratti is a Italian architect, engineer, inventor, educator and activist who teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, where he directs the MIT Senseable City Lab, a research group that explores how new technologies are changing the way we understand, design and ultimately live in cities. Following the Wired Magazine Carlo Ratti is one of the "50 people who will change the world" and was also named as "50 most influential designers in America" by Fast Company. He was also a speaker at ‘National Conclave on Smart Technologies’ organised by Smart Cities Council India at Hyderabad in August 2015.

Wayfinding – the only way forward


How many times have you missed an exit on an expressway and cursed under your breath? It is not only the frustration of missing an appointment but the loss of fuel and the unnecessary emission that adds to the already foul air. In urban settings, wayfinding specialists develop signage and information systems for both, pedestrians and motorists, who have unique challenges navigating streets and roadways. These information systems help people develop “mental maps” of the terrain and simplify their routes to the extent possible.

Network is Knowledge – Knowledge is Network


"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." - Charles Darwin
Data-is second nature to technology. The information, available and critical when collected & processed, for collaboration can work wonders towards a “mutual-symbiotic” future. Has been the evolutionary theory of our world- as we know it today.

Hear HUD Secretary Julian Castro

Find out what message Julian Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio, Texas and now Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, has for cities. He's one of the featured speakers at Smart Cities Week, Sept. 15-17 in Washington, D.C. The conference is sold out, but we'll post updates on this site and you can follow the action on Twitter at #smartcitiesweekDC

School District Cuts Energy Costs with Cloud Computing


When a Massachusetts school district consolidated its summer school operations into one building officials were worried about sky high energy prices. But Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform enabled them to manage their heating and cooling equipment and cut costs. Learn more in this case study.